93% of consumers find video helpful for making a purchase decision.

Use the power of video to market your brand or business. The statistics are crazy, online video viewing is around 100 minutes per day on average and increasing.

How can video marketing help my business?

We all know too well that every-time you visit your social media account or see any advert and it’s video based, you will almost always take notice and watch it. Even if it is for that split second and what’s more important is if grabs your attention you continue to watch.

As a prime example Youtube it is one of the fastest and most popular platforms on the planet. Youtube is estimated to be worth around £160 billion and was bought by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion. This increase in value is down to the volume of people watching online video, including the all important adverts.

Another giant is Facebook, worth over a whopping $400 billion and again most of the marketing on Facebook is through video.

Take action now and get your business moving forward with video marketing.

Demo Marketing Videos

The demo marketing videos below will give you an idea of how a small video can make a big difference to your business sales and branding.

What do You Get

For just a small price you get enormous benefits from using our video marketing solutions. Below is a list of what you get as a standard for every video marketing project we deliver.

We can create videos with voice over for promoting a product or service. Our voice overs are professional and you choose the type you think suits your business.

Talk to us today as we can manage your entire marketing campaign.

We can create a complete marketing campaign for your business including video marketing, email marketing and SEO. Contact us today on 01254 916 223 or use our contact form.

Up to 30 Second Marketing Video

This is the most popular one


Up to 45 Second Marketing Video

A good choice for business promotion.


Up to 60 Second Marketing Video

For the larger ecommerce stores


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