Online Food Ordering Systems, what are they? Will they be of benefit for your takeaway? Make more profit now.

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online food ordering system

What are online food ordering systems?

Looking to allow your customers to order your delicious food online, well then you will be looking at getting an online food ordering system.

Presently many takeaways, restaurants and other food providers use food platforms to allow customers to order food online. Is this really the best solution? Well yes and no as you may be paying thousands every month in commissions, to food ordering platforms, and yes, they may bring in the business, but have you calculated what it is costing your business, and customers in real terms.

On average you will be paying around 20% of your hard-earned profits to the online food ordering platforms. Remember that this 20% is pre-profit costs based on your turnover, and not taking account of any additional costs such as extra food packaging, increased costs of heating and lighting, extra staff and much more.

We have customers who are doing around £185,000 per year through their own online food ordering system, based on an initial investment of just £295.00.

This works out at around £37,000 per year increase in real profits by not paying the 20% in commission, so why pay food ordering platforms your hard-earned money, when you can use your own food ordering system, and increase your profits.

How can I get more customers to my Online Ordering System?

There are many ways that you can move your customers from using online food ordering platforms to your own system. With this remember it will not happen overnight. Your customers need to have a benefit for using your system. There are many ways this can be achieved.

Giving discounts – Remember money talks especially now that for customers using online food ordering platforms have become more expensive due to additional service charges, delivery charges. If you give a 10% discount to all your customers for 1 month, then you are sure to get more customers.

Loyalty Points – With the online food ordering system we provide a loyalty point system where you can add points to the customer account so they can redeem these on orders. This has worked great with many of our customers as they now have loyal customers who order on a regular basis.

Free Delivery – Offer a free delivery service as remember for every new customer using your food ordering system you will be saving at least 20% on the order. So, for example for an order of £40 going through your own online food ordering system you will be saving £8 and by even giving £2 back to the customer you are making £6 extra profit from not having the customer use the online food platform. No times that by 100 customers, yep it works out at an extra £600 and ensuring you get happy and loyal customers.

online food ordering

How do I get these promotions out to my customers?

Inside your takeaway or restaurant – Having a discount code inside your takeaway so people can take a quick snap with their mobile phones. This works well.

Leaflets – Have a simple small leaflet printed with the code on this and remember including a QR code with your new online ordering website on this.

Star Printer – Using the star thermal printer with cloud printing you can set the printer to print all this information on each receipt, this will be great for keeping your customers coming back for more.

Social Media – Just do quick posts on your Facebook or use your WhatsApp and other platforms to promote your new online food ordering system.

Will the management of my own system take time?

It depends where you get you online food ordering system as with the one, we do it is straight forward, and we provide full training and support. You always have the power at your fingertips to change your menu or price without any issues.

You can always get us to manage it for you and we provide a great package which includes SEO, Digital Marketing, Newsletters and management of your printer and discounts etc. Contact us to find out more.

See our online food ordering website packages for more information or contact us to discuss more.

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