Instant Online Food Ordering Website Designs from only £295

Instant online food ordering websites are great for your takeaway or restaurant website design. We design the best websites for restaurants and takeaways with online food ordering systems.

Complete takeaway or restaurant website design with online food ordering within a click.

Get ahead of the competition with your own online food ordering system with

zero commission rates.

We have created many online food ordering websites over the years. Our package offers a complete online food ordering system which is setup from start to end within a short period of time with low costs.

"Why pay high commissions, hidden costs or high monthly fee's when you can have your own online food ordering system."

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Flexible online food ordering systems which you own and have full control over.

Our food ordering systems are compatible with the outstanding Star Printers with


online food ordering system

Star Printers have been in the industry for many years and are renowned supplier of POS hardware. Our online food ordering systems integrate with these printers to give you a complete food ordering solution.

These printers when intergrated with our systems using a cloud control panel and give total flexibility. You can schedule promotions to be printed with automatic QR codes and based on dates and days. This way when a customer orders they can get on the receipt a code for discounts or news on new offers or products.

"A great printer at a totally affordable price."

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Food Ordering Systems created by the best website builders

Food ordering system where you own the website, you own the customers, you control your business and pay zero commissions.

Why spend all the time trying to market your business online when you do not own it or even control it and end up paying loads in commissions. 

On average many takeaway businesses pay-out over £10,000 to £35,000 per year on commissions. So why not build your own customer loyalty and give your customers an incentive to use your system instead.

"On average many takeaway businesses pay-out over £10,000 to £35,000 per year on commissions."

Great takeaway and restaurant website design with online food ordering systems.

Our websites for online food ordering are straight forward to use and administer. They come in at a fraction of the price of other online food ordering systems.

What are the benefits of having my own website for online food ordering?

There are many benefits of using websites for online food ordering for your takeaway or restaurant website design. Below we will discuss in detail why your own food ordering website for your takeaway would be beneficial.

That’s right the online food ordering website we create for you has no commissions. So you can you goodbye to paying high amounts of commission from your money. All the sales go straight into your account directly.

So, for example where some platforms charge in real terms 20% of your income you can give your customers 10% discount and save 10%, what a win win situation.

Having a website for your takeaway which allows your customers to order food online will give you more profit. You will not have to pay out any commissions on your profits.

You can change and set your prices how you want without having any restrictions or terms and conditions imposed on your business.

Your takeaway business gets customer loyalty via discount codes, spend over a certain amount and give discount, buy online on certain days and get discounts.

There are so many ways your takeaway business will benefit to get more customer loyalty and bigger takeaway orders.

With other platforms such as Just Eat, Ubber Eats and others you do not own the customer data so you cannot use it to market your takeaway and in the long term your business will be at the mercy of the food ordering platforms.

The entire system is owned by you, so in the future you can be assured that there are no nasty surprises like, sneaky commissions or hidden costs being added. You get full training and support.

Yes, we include with every system an email marketing system with a drag and drop newsletter builder. 

There is no limit on the number of customers you can have on your email lists.

As soon as they sign up to your system they are added automatically, and you can have automatic emails sent on signup such as a universal discount code that the customer can use on a once only basis.

You have full control over the website information both on your takeaway menu and the website information. The content is quick and easy to update as and when you want to.

We provide full training and support via our help video’s and helpdesk system and knowledge base.

Use social media to create promotions for your customers to retain loyalty unlike food platforms where you can loose many customers to new competitors.

We include some of the best SEO Tools and we will provide all initial SEO, Optimisation and search engine submission.

This way your site can be found on Google when customers search for you.

We will create QR Code when scanned by mobile devices will save your takeaway or restaurant website design details to the customers mobile phone.

How good is that!

Takeaway and restaurant website design with zero commissions and payback within a few months.

We have created many online food ordering systems and many of them payback the costs of the system within one month and go onto increasing profits by reducing commissions and monthly fee’s.

What features do you get?

With our online food ordering website designs your takeaway business gets loads of great features. Below are a number of great features and you can click on the title to get more information.

All of our websites we design for takeaway food ordering are mobile friendly. These are called responsive websites. 

We ensure that everyone is tested on various browsers such as Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari. We test each website design on all of the latest mobile devices including iPhone, Android and of course desktops, laptops and tablets.

Once your website is setup, we will use the SEO tools to optimise the site and once again these tools included into the package giving you even more savings without any tie-ins.

There are many great features of how you can set your delivery options such as 

  • Delivery based on mileage using Google Maps.
  • Cost per mile.
  • Maximum delivery distance.
  • Minimum order amount for free delivery.


All of these flexible features can be changed and built around your requirements and the system will automatically apply these at the checkout. 

You can add as many food orderings options as you like. Unlike some other food ordering systems our package allows you to add options for Pizza Toppings, Spice Levels, and any other extras.

  • Limit number of options
  • Have Checkboxes to select more than one, such as extra pizza toppings
  • Have select boxes so only one option can be selected, this is good for long lists like Drinks options
  • Have Radio buttons so only one option can be selected, and this is good for a Yes or No, such as salad required or meat option like chicken, lamb, prawn etc.


There are so many variations and they are all so easy to setup from the admin panel of your website. Checkout the demo site to see these in action.

You customers can pay via PayPal and we set this up for you in the backend so all you have to do is enter your PayPal business username and password and it is ready to go.

It is extremely quick and simple and at the same time secure.

Your customers can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card so making it totally flexible and easy for payment processing. They can also opt to pay cash if required.

We include professional backup and security plugins so your online food ordering system can be backed up to cloud and you can easily restore this if ever required. There are security plugins to stop any potential hacks or viruses. These have automatic updates so you can sleep at night without any worry.

Our online food ordering systems come with advanced ordering hours and provide many features which will benefit your takeaway business. Again, you have full control and change and tweak things to how you see fit to run your business.

There is a great customer coupons system which allows you to issue coupon codes to provide discounts and create customer loyalty. There are many options and variations as listed below which can be applied.

  • Number uses per customer e.g only one use per customer.
  • Minimum and maximum order amount e.g spend over £25 to activate discount.
  • Applicable to certain category or food item. For example only on Pizzas.
  • Automatic start and expiry date.
  • Number of uses as a total. So for example first 100 customers.
  • Discount as fixed amount or percentage.

Our systems are created so that they are easy to update by anyone and do not require any technical knowledge or experience.

Not to mention that when you sign up we will provide full access o all of our training video’s which show exactly how to use the system and make the most of it.

Our tutorials also train you you how to best market your online business and hints and tips on what other tools are available to become an SEO expert on your business.

We use Elementor with WordPress to build all of our sites so you get the best industry standard takeaway or restauarant website design.

You can get an optional Star wireless printer to allow printing of all orders otherwise they get sent to an email address which you can manage via mobile phone.  See link for more information. We will install and configure the plugins for your printer free of charge so you don’t have to worry.

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