Why use WordPress for your business website design? What are the best plugins for WordPress?

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What is WordPress?

You may ask “What is WordPress?”, “What is WordPress used for?” and “How will WordPress benefit my business?”

WordPress is currently the world number one platform, over 64 million sites use WordPress to power their websites, there are over 50,000 plugins making it the most flexible solution on the internet, WordPress is available in 57 languages making it a truly global platform.

WordPress in a nutshell is a dynamic website building platform which is freely available and may of the plugins are free to use.

What are the best WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are effectively add-ons to enhance or expand the functionality of WordPress. These can be as simple as text editors or complex as full functioning ecommerce websites or real estate portals. Always try and get the best plugins for WordPress, as they need to be tested and you must ensure there are no conflicts between them.

WordPress is truly a flexible system which is being used by small blogs to large corporations such as Sony Music, The Disney Company and many more. WordPress is a website solution for all, no matter how big or small your website is.

the best plugins for wordpress

Do I have to pay for WordPress?

WordPress is free to use for all, yes that includes commercial use, as well as personal blogs. Many of the plugins and themes are free to use. WordPress is like buying a car without the doors, windscreen and other items and then customising it to your requirements. Basically, it is working engine of a website platform, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. See some of our ready-made WordPress websites for more examples of what WordPress can do for your business.

When did WordPress start?

WordPress began in 2003 as a slice of free blogging software produced by Mike Little and Mike Mullenweg, who remains to host WordPress.org, this is the company which builds WordPress and makes it available to all people looking at creating and website or blog. In creating WordPress and making it continuously free, its designers wanted to build a web platform to give all a voice and online presence.

What is SEO on WordPress?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, this means to have the means to get your website ranked with search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Why is good SEO so important? This is vital for any website to have excellent SEO to get ahead of its competitors and being found on the internet.

Good SEO means more customer hits to your website. Out of the box as it is WordPress, or any other platform needs work to get good SEO. This is obtained by using relevant tools and ensuring your plugins and hosting are all optimised for SEO.

Good SEO is like having a shop in the high-street which is seen by all and letting all shoppers know where you are and what you do so you get the most visitors.

At Web Design 360 we provide the best WordPress plugins and setups in all the websites we design. This way your business is ready to get found and get more business.

In conclusion WordPress is a great starting platform to create a variety of websites, however without the best WordPress plugins and careful design it cannot be considered as complete solution. WordPress is effectively the main engine of a great online solution but needs the modifications and add-ons to make it a winner.

Have a look at our WordPress website packages.

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