Website with responsive design, what are these?

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website with responsive design

What is a website with responsive design? A responsive website is one which automatically adjusts itself to be viewable on a number of devices from Laptops, Pc Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets and other smart devices. So in a nutshell if your website is responsive then it will look good and perform good on all major mobile devices.

“Over 60% of users browse the internet using a mobile device”

website with responsive design

Get the benefits of having a website with responsive design.

So why is having design for responsive website so important to your business. If you look at the statistics for just the United Kingdom there are over 60% of users who browse the internet using mobile devices in 2018. Out of these 54% of users look at the internet more than several times a day.

So if your site is not a website with responsive design for mobile devices you could be missing out on a lot of business. Not only that to ensure your website works on mobile devices you should have had it tested on the various devices and also software versions.

At Web design 360 we ensure that all websites we build are tested on all major mobile devices and versions for example you may find a website displays and functions well on an Iphone 7 but on an Iphone 6s it will not work.

The other side to look at is the different browsers on mobile devices as we all have our own preferences such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others. We design websites and test these to work on all types of browsers to ensure your customers get the best experience.

Another main reason for taking mobile device compatibility for your business website is that search engines like Google are now downgrading sites which do not have design for responsive website. This will affect your business website ranking and again you could be making less of an impact and losing your customers to your competition.

Optimisation is another key thing which you must bear in mind as google now require your website to pass its mobile device checks and also speed checks to get good ranking on the internet.

Contact Web Design 360 to ensure your business gets the best website that it deserves.

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