What is WordPress for? Is it good for small business websites? Get the benefits now

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Many people as, What is WordPress for? WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms now. It is a free and open source content management system. There are more than 60 million websites powered by WordPress across the World.

What is WordPress for and why should I use it?

There are many benefits of web design using WordPress for any business website. Below are some bullet points of benefits.

  • Ability to update when you want through a control panel.
  • Expandable from using WordPress as a 1-page website through to a functional ecommerce website design using Woocommerce.
  • Lots of themes so it can be designed as required.
  • Very light and fast for loading on mobile devices, making it excellent for responsive web design.
  • Ample amounts of plugins so you can expand the functionality of any website.

With WordPress sites you can have an array of all types of functionality and applications such as client portals, business directories, ecommerce website design, media galleries, multi-blogging, car sales, real estate websites, newsletter systems. So again this will answer many of the “What is WordPress for?” questions.

So, it is a very flexible content management system which can be applied to any web design project which you may have.

what is wordpress for

Things to Keep in mind.

To run a WordPress website, you must ensure you have the following things established to make sure you have a good website experience for you users. As a standard WordPress installation comes as a ‘bare bones’ system.

At Web design 360 we ensure we implement all the correct plugins and the hosting as a standard to ensure your business website works for you.

Security is very important as websites can be hacked and important information can be compromised so you need to have good levels of security implemented. This is especially important if it is an ecommerce website design.

Hosting is very important as you need to ensure that you provider has the correct setup to host WordPress websites and has good security and tools available.

Backup and Recovery is imperative to ensure your website can be recovered if anything goes wrong or it gets hacked. There are many great plugins for automating this process and storing your backups securely on cloud for quick recovery. Always bear in mind this option as vital especially for any ecommerce website design.

Optimisation is another key area where your website will need to be correctly configured and maintained as Google and other search engines now require websites to pass certain criteria for them to be indexed.

So in summary the question, “What is WordPress for?” is that this platform can be used for many website designs and functionalities.

Are there any themes available for WordPress?

There are a vast array of themes available for WordPress website designs. These must be looked into carefully to ensure that they are flexible and expandable. Not only that you must ensure that they are always available with updates as with the continuous changes on the web, WordPress is always evolving with new technologies and internet security threats.

This means that your theme must also have update options to keep up with any new changes. As well as this any WordPress theme must be compatible with any plugins you may using.

Web Design 360 are specialists in designing WordPress websites. If you would like to get more information on how we can create a great website for your business contact us on 01254 916 223.

Web Design 360 are in Blackburn in the North West, but we have clients all over the UK including Kent, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Scotland, Manchester and other locations.

For more information on WordPress website you can visit https://en-gb.wordpress.org/

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